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VolleyFX Sports Performance

Next Level           Volley FX


Next Level is proud to be the exclusive Strength & Conditioning
provider of VolleyFX!


  • To empower VolleyFX athletes of all ages in their journey to self improvement, by prioritizing character development, injury reduction and performance enhancement, while implementing the latest in sports performance and functional training, under the close guidance of positive role models and highly qualified professionals.


  • Do No Harm!
    • Provide highly structured training sessions led by qualified strength & conditioning professionals with a wide range of knowledge and experience
    • Place a strong emphasis on proper technique and skill development to prevent training related injury
    • Implement scientifically proven training methods and purposeful programming
    • Create a safe environment
  • Decrease The Risk of Sports Related Injury
    • Quality sports performance training IS injury reduction training
    • Place an additional focus on volleyball specific considerations to address daily physical demands and individualized needs
    • Implement a program wide, comprehensive daily on court movement prep that includes proven ACL reduction protocols
  • Maximize Performance
    • Focus on volleyball and position specific components of performance including functional/ core strength, vertical jump/ landing mechanics, lateral/ rotational power, agility and energy system specific conditioning
    • Incorporate nutrition, hydration, sleep and lifestyle components to expedite recovery and maximize performance
  • Character Development/ Team Building
    • Create an environment that will foster team camaraderie, character development and dedication
    • Place an emphasis on accountability and the intangible value of achieving goals/ overcoming obstacles

Next Level/ VolleyFX Partnership Includes:
* Drastically discounted pricing for current VFX athletes

Want to train at Next Level, but our Flex or Middle School offerings don't fit your schedule? No problem! Create a private small group with other VFX athletes/ alum and make your own schedule!

  • Group of 3 VFX Athletes: $120/ 6 pack of 60 min sessions (2 month expiration)
  • Group of 4-6 VFX Athletes: $90/ 6 pack of 60 min sessions (2 month expiration)
  • Group of 7 or more VFX Athletes: $75/ 6 pack of 60 min sessions (2 month expiration)

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  • That's not all!
    • Resources and Seminars for Athletes, Parents and Coaches to maximize performance, development and recovery!
    • Injury reduction screening and performance testing!