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May 2016

Stress?!?! What Stress?!?! Punching Stress In The Face: PART 1 of 3

Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Nate VanKouwenberg, MA, CFSC, USAW

My metaphorical plate is officially full! Between a full time teaching job, owning a small business, multiple coaching positions, two beautiful kids under 6, an amazing wife, insane yellow lab, house to care for and everything else that adults have to deal with on a daily basis, free time for me is about as rare as a Buffalo Bills playoff appearance. Although I love my life and everything that keeps me so busy, there are times I find myself inches away from crawling under my bed in the fetal position with my thumb in my mouth.

Programming for General Fitness Goals

Friday, May 20, 2016
Heather D’Errico, MA, CFSC, CSCS

How many of you fitness go-ers are still doing split day training?  For a long time this has been the way a majority train at the gym, but for those that are still splitting their workouts into leg day, chest day, back, bi’s-and tri’s day, I would like to enlighten you on a new perspective.

Youth Specialization: Pump the Breaks

Monday, May 16, 2016
Joseph Aratari, CFSC, CPT

During both my time as strength & conditioning coach & youth soccer coach, I’ve crossed paths with many parents and coaches who have their children involved in athletics. In my opinion (and science agrees) involvement in athletics at an early age is probably the most important and influential thing you can do for your child as a parent. Not to get off topic, but the social, cognitive and motor development that takes place in youth athletics provides enough discussion for a college course. To get back to the topic of this post, the problem with youth athletics is when parents and coaches dictate their kid to choose just one sport so they can play just that one sport year round, otherwise known as specialization.

What Does Sport Give Us?