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10 Simple Tips/Lifestyle Habits to Get Ahead in Life!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Joseph Aratari, CFSC, CPT

1) Read Daily

There aren’t any intelligent & successful people who don’t read. Strive to read 45 minutes-1 hour each day, and break up your reading into three groups. These groups include subjects directly related to your field, business & finance, and last, strive to read about lifestyle, philosophy, psychology, motivation, inspiration etc… Always strive to continue your education through books, articles, journals, blogs to better yourself!

2) Get On Social Media

If you aren’t on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.. .you’re only limiting the amount you can learn & network. Those who say “social media is a waste of time and stupid” are those who are using their time on these sites wrong. Following the right people is part of the solution; strive to follow positive, intelligent & successful people and get rid of those clogging up your timeline or feed. I spend a good amount of time learning from my phone from what people post, and I am able to connect and help others as well from what I post. At the very least, if you aren’t big on posting, at lease follow those in your field and learn from the best.

3) Take Care Of Your Body & Mind

Exercise regularly, eat good food, limit crappy food, drink lots of water and get 7- 8 hours of sleep. Period.

4) Wake up early & “Eat The Frog”

Sleep is good, but excess sleep is a waste of valuable time! Stop sleeping in so much and wake up early to attack the hardest task of the day. For me, it’s reading. After a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is try to read and retain information. However, when I wake up early I am ready to read for about an hour with no distractions from people or my phone. Regardless the morning hours are great to workout, answer emails, write down tasks, pack lunches, etc.. just get up and get going!

5) Physically Write Down Your "Why", Your Goals, & Your Plan

Always start with why! Knowing your purpose in life will help you better determine your plan of action and will help you accomplish your weekly/month/yearly goals that make up your life goal! Grab a piece of paper and write down your goals and plan of action, as this will hold you more accountable!

6) Work….A lot

Ever hear of anybody that became successful working 4 hour weeks or less than 40 hours a week? No me either. Get experience, get hours, and get better.

7) Go outside your field for help

You have to be willing to be open and learn from those in different fields, as their mindset, philosophy, creativity etc… is different and can be just the insight you need.

8) Take time for yourself

Despite all the preparation, work and sacrifice it takes to get better, you need to prioritize and schedule time for yourself. Whether you enjoy free reading, movies, going out, beer tours etc…get out and do things you love outside your work.

9) Be a 90% person

I first heard this from Michael Boyle’s book “Advances in Functional Strength Training” and I could not agree more, despite what people think. He describes that we should strive to be 90% people instead of 100% or perfectionist. “If a success-oriented person strives to give one hundred percent, he’ll rarely complete anything. That last ten percent kills you and it stalls you”. My friend Marco Shanchez, told me a month ago on the phone to “Smash through one door, don’t have a foot in two” and that’s been helping me get a lot more done so thanks bro! “A 100% person and a 90% person still earn an A”.

10) Being the 90% person I am, I will let you decide a tip you will follow to help you get ahead!
Penfield High School Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Next Level Strength & Conditioning Coach


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