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Thursday, December 13, 2018
Kurtis Bednarcyk, CFSC

Without a doubt the most common excuse for a lack of daily movement is “not enough time.” I could go on at length about the absurdity of such a statement (see image above), but it’s the holidays and somehow I feel willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Honestly, it doesn’t take much experience to rack your brain and come up with a few equipment free minutes that are safe, feel good, and challenge you appropriately - that’s not even to mention the infinity-paged socialized healthcare manual that is accessible to anyone with an internet connection (if you’re reading this…). But, I’ve always prided myself on providing a superior service. So if you need a recipe, not to worry; here it is in all its glory:

5 minute option!

Don’t care who ya are; you can make this time. This is simply a “body primer” that would be a tremendous supplement to nearly anyone’s day...feel free to add it in somewhere on training days as well..

* Protip: skip you “snooze” button in the morning and just get this done instead. Try for 5 days. If you find no value in it, free training session on me. (Disclaimer: no free sessions; it simply won’t be true.)

- Glass of water
- Standing joint circles - neck, scaps, elbows, wrists, t-spine, unilateral hip or hula hoop

  • BREATHE SLOWLY in through nose out through mouth for all of these

- Deep squat transition to toe sit and back x 5 (hold squats and toe sits for :04 each) use hands as required)
- Get back up series x 2-4 - you pick: hand hand to knee, moose ears, back pockets, remove a limb, etc.
- Dynamics 5-10 yards depending on your house layout x however many, you pick

  • Crawl F+B

  • Lunge to Cradle → Foot to hand SLDL

  • Skip F+B

  • Crawl Lateral

  • Over/Under Hurdle

  • Skip Lateral

  • Shuffle w/ clap

  • Carioca

  • Skip Carioca

- Glass of water

*Superset these if you want to combine them. Do 2 dynamics, then a get up series, repeat until you need to move along

10 minute option!

- Glass of water

- 4 sets of

  • 3 super slow air squats with reverse breathing (in through nose on ascent, blow out candle on descent)

  • 1 segmental roll each way

- Rest 1:00

- AMRAP in 6

  • Deep lunge + rotation + lateral lunge x 2 on the left

  • Pushups to down dog x 4-8 depending on skill level

  • Deep lunge + rotation + lateral lunge x 2 on the right

  • Tabletop bridge or :03 eccentric leg curl with a towel on the floor x 6-8

- Glass of water


15 minute option!

- Glass of water

- Do 5 minute option or 5 minutes of segmental rolls and reverse breathing squats as indicated above

- Every minute on the minute x 10

  • Odd minutes - 5-4-3-2-1 alternating squats and pushups, rest remainder

  • Even minutes - 5 single leg deadlift on each leg, 5+5 lateral crawl steps, rest remainder

- Glass of water

20 minute option!

- Glass of water

- Do 5 minute option or 5 minutes of segmental rolls and squats as indicated above

- 5 sets, starting one every 3 minutes

- AMRAP hand release pushups (if you can do 15 PERFECT pushups already, add 1+1 shoulder touch at the top of each rep)

- Lateral lunges x 6-8 each side

- Hip lift + diagonal reach x 3 each side

- March in place and breathe for remainder of 3:00

- Glass of water

That’s really it. You’re looking at four pretty decent options for strengthening and lengthening with any time budget. For best results this holiday season, train as usual when you can make the commitment, and perhaps supplement with a short brisk walk - preferably outdoors. On the other days, pick one (or two!) of these that best suits your schedule. And guys, use a few strategies to minimize the late nights and cookie blowouts. If you care enough to want to move when the gym just doesn’t meet your schedule, why not be WAY ahead of the game rolling into 2019?

Happy holidays,

Coach Kurt

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