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Mental Training for Athletes

Mindfulness for Athletes: 4 weeks, 90 min session/ week. Cost $250 per student.

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware, present, and focused. The benefits of mindfulness are incredible: poise, reduced stress, increased awareness and focus, and greater capacity to work with others. The professional sports world is rapidly taking to mindfulness, with athletes like Stephen Curry, Russel Wilson, Kobe Bryant, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, and many others. The purpose of this 4 week class is to introduce athletes to mindfulness and how mindfulness can help increase well-being and performance. Athletes will participate in discussions, a practice, and talk about applications to their sports and lives. Each student will receive 4 recordings to have to listen to on their own for continued mindfulness practice.

Mental Conditioning for Athletes: 5 weeks, 60 min session/ week. $300 per student

Mental Conditioning is the deliberate planning and preparation of the mind to handle stress, remain calm under pressure, and remain goal focused during training and competition. This course will walk participants through several skills that are necessary for success in sports: building and maintaining confidence, stress and nerve regulation, focusing, imagery and mental rehearsal, and developing routines. These topics will include worksheets, discussions, and talks of application to practice and competition. The ultimate goal of this course is to help athletes regulate themselves and prepare for difficult situations.


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