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High School Strength & Conditioning Services

High School Strength & Conditioning Services

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Next Level Strength & Conditioning


  • To lead the charge in offering quality strength and conditioning programs at the local school district level by creating a culture that prioritizes safety, injury prevention, sports performance and general fitness benefits in the physical education and athletic settings.


  • Do No Harm!

    • Provide highly structured training sessions led by a qualified strength & conditioning professional with a wide range of knowledge and experience

    • Place a strong emphasis on proper technique and skill development

    • Implement scientifically proven training methods and programming

    • Create a safe environment

  • Decrease The Risk of Injury

    • Quality sports performance training IS injury prevention training

    • Place an additional focus on sport specific considerations to address daily physical demands and individualized needs

    • Coordinate with Athletic Training/ Medical Staff to monitor injuries and accelerate return to play process

  • Maximize Performance

    • Focus on sport specific components of performance including functional strength, power, speed, agility and energy system specific conditioning

    • Incorporate nutrition, hydration, sleep and lifestyle components to expedite recovery and maximize performance

  • Character Development/ Team Building

    • Create an environment that will foster team camaraderie, character development and dedication.

    • Place an emphasis on accountability and the intangible value of achieving goals/ overcoming obstacles.  

  • Connect Physical Education Fitness Units to District Strength & Conditioning Program

    • Create a relationship between the district Strength Coach and PE Department to streamline functional strength training methods, terminology, progressions, cues and philosophy.

    • Offer functional strength training skill development sessions and seminars for PE staff, coaches and students.

    • Connect the district Strength & Conditioning program to the NYS PE and Health Standards to promote lifetime fitness and quality community resources.

Action Steps:

1. Educate Administrators, Coaches, Teachers, Athletes, Students and Parents on the definition and importance of quality strength and conditioning to promote buy in, excitement and culture.

  • Offer informational seminars, demo sessions and provide related resources.

2. Offer skill development sessions to increase safety, results and confidence.

  • Hold skill development clinics for teams, coaches, teachers and PE students to teach basic functional strength and performance training progressions.

3. Implement quality strength and conditioning programs for athletes and PE students of all ages.

  • Design comprehensive and developmentally appropriately programs that are in line with the goals of each group and ensure that all sessions are supervised by a qualified professional.

4. Evaluate strength and conditioning programs on a regular basis to determine the need for modifications.

  • Conduct pre and post Functional Movement Screens/ performance testing, track injury rates each season and monitor physical education assessment scores.

Possible Next Level School District Strength & Conditioning Services:

  • Next Level Strength & Conditioning Coach

    • School District contracts Next Level S&C services, Next Level places a Strength Coach in that district (similar to ATC model).

    • School District hires an individual Next Level Coach directly (referred by NL) under a partnership agreement.

  • School District Strength & Conditioning Consultation Services

    • Administration

      • Help create the Strength & Conditioning Coach position description

      • Define the qualities of a high caliber candidate

      • Participate in the interview process as an advisor

      • Facility design consultation and budgeting

    • Program Design Services

      • Design comprehensive strength and conditioning programs based on age, ability level, goals, sport(s) and more.

      • Consult with PE staff to develop a Functional Strength Training curriculum tailored to each district based on equipment/ facilities, class sizes, class duration and more.

      • Provide detailed nutrition and lifestyle guidelines to maximize benefits and general health.

    • Staff Development for Coaches and/or PE Teachers

      • Educational seminars: “QUALITY High School Strength & Conditioning: Building The Foundation of Your Powerhouse

      • Skill development training for coaches and teachers/ valuable resources


Nate VanKouwenbergNate VanKouwenberg, MA, CFSC, USAW

For more than a decade, Nate VanKouwenberg has offered the latest in Sports Performance and General Fitness training to countless athletes, students and adults. Aside from Nate’s role as the Founder and Owner of Next Level Strength & Conditioning in Fairport, he is a Physical Education Teacher and Head Strength Coach in the Victor Central School District (NY). Combined with the support and dedication of the Athletes, Athletic Director, Coaches and Teachers, implementing quality strength and conditioning has helped Victor Athletics grow into a regional and state powerhouse in multiple sports, over recent years.

Another major contributor to Victor’s athletic success is their nationally recognized Physical Education program. In 2007, Nate developed the district wide Functional Strength Training curriculum, providing student athletes with a foundation of knowledge and skills, prior to reaching the JV and Varsity levels. He has presented on the importance of connecting Functional Strength Training in PE to Athletics at NYS AHPERD and CWZ conferences on multiple occasions.

Nate also serves as the Strength Coach for the RIT Men’s Hockey Team (NCAA D1) and several NHL/ AHL Hockey Players in the off-season.

Certifications/ Memberships:

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)

  • USA Weightlifting Certified Sports Performance Coach

  • National High School Strength Coach Association (NHSSCA) Original Member




Joseph Aratari, BS, CFSC, FMS Joseph Aratari

As a young up and coming Strength Coach, Joseph Aratari’s impressive resume already includes his role as the Penfield Central School District (NY) Strength Coach, New York State Director of the National High School Strength Coach Association and Strength Coach/ Director of Operations at Next Level Strength & Conditioning. Joseph has quickly built a strong culture at Penfield, which emphasizes communication, discipline and and accountability. With the support of Penfield’s Athletes, Athletic Director and Coaches, the participation and commitment within the weight room has drastically increased with both male and female athletes over the past two years.

Certifications/ Memberships:

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach (Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning)

  • Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS)

  • National High School Strength Coach Association (NHSSCA) Original Member

  • NYS Director, NHSSCA


Next Level Strength & Conditioning

Next Level Strength and Conditioning has offered the latest in Sports Performance Training to countless Youth, High School, College and Professional Athletes, for over 12 years. Our team of knowledgeable strength coaches possess a wealth of experience working with athletes and general fitness clients of all ages and skill levels. We take pride in offering developmentally appropriate programs with sound progressions and sequencing, within a closely supervised environment to maximize results and safety.

Our 5,000 square foot training facility in Fairport, NY is unlike any other privately owned facility in the area! Regardless of your age, sport, skill level or training goals, we can help you reach the Next Level!


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