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Private Training

Private Training (1:1 or Small Group of 2-6)

  • Sports Performance or General Fitness Training
  • Programs will be designed to meet the individualized needs of each client based on goals, Functional Screen and Goal Setting Consultation (Groups of 1-3), ability level, training experience, age and more!
  • Sessions can be scheduled at anytime with the coach of your choice!
  • Private Training also includes Nutrition/ Lifestyle Guidance and Skill Development to maximize results!
  • All 12 Packs have a 3 month expiration/ All 6 Packs have a 6 week expiration
  • 6 Hour cancellation policy
  • Email, or the coach of your choice directly to schedule your Functional Screen/ Goal Setting Consultation and to purchase the Private Training package of your choice!

1:1 Private Training General Pricing

  • $720 12 Pack of 60 min 1:1 sessions (3 month expiration)
  • $70/ Single 60 min 1:1 session
    • Some coaches may have different personal training rates. Clients will be notified of the personal training rate for the coach of their choice prior to commitment.

Small Group Private Training General Pricing


  • Sessions do not carry over if a member/ members of the group is absent
  • Participants schedule sessions directly with the Coach assigned to the group
  • All 6 packs have a 6 week expiration from date of purchase


  • 2 People: $180/ particpant/ 6 pack
  • 3 People: $150/ participant/ 6 pack
  • 4-6 People: $120/ participant/ 6 pack
  • 7-10 People: $90/ participant/ 6 pack
  • 11-14 People (2 Next Level Coaches!): $60 participant/ 6 pack
  • Contact Us for Team/ Large Group Training rates for groups over 15!