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The ROOTS program focuses on skill development and exposure to basic movements for people of all ages. This program begins with the most rudimentary of body weight movements and progresses over time to more technical and intense exercises that will lead you in the proper direction toward your health and fitness goals. This systematic approach differs from many other exercise regimes in that the early emphasis is on mechanics rather than intensity. We find that repetition of the fundamental motor patterns with proper technique early on actually increases learning rate and minimizes the risk of injury in the future.

The standard structure of a ROOTS session is a warm-up with attention to proper body control, followed by instruction of new skills and a daily workout that will get increasingly challenging throughout the duration of the program. The difficulty of the workout is ultimately based on the degree that you are willing to push yourself. For some this begins at a very low level, while others go “all out” on day 1. This is entirely up to you - we are not in the business of making you suffer. Our hope is that over time you will develop the ability to work at a level that will provide fitness adaptation, and one that will be inherent in our higher level general fitness classes that we will offer in the near future. Each session will culminate with an appropriate cooldown and a brief discussion of how to make healthy changes to the other aspects of your life.

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