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“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy!” –Robert Half

Talent is only a small component of what it takes for an athlete to be successful! For every talented athlete, there are hundreds, if not thousands of others just like them. It is what an athlete does beyond their regular practices and games that will make them stand out above the rest. If you are not willing to put in the extra time and effort to gain an edge on your competition, someone else is and you will be left behind!

We offer a wide variety of Sports Performance training programs including Seasonal Group Programs, Private Sessions by appointment (1 on 1, Small Groups of 2-6), Team Training Sessions and Pre-Season Conditioning Camps.


Sports Performance Program Options Menu

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Flex Sports Performance

  • NEW! Flexible scheduling and pricing options for busy HS/ College/ Pro athletes!

Middle School Sports Performance

  • Middle School (60 min)
  • Highly structured sessions led by our team of Certified Functional Strength Coaches
  • Set days and times (flexible scheduling available)
  • 1:6 ratio or less- 12 athlete limit/ session
  • Great value!

Total Hockey Training

  • On-ice and off-ice combo training
  • Individual and small group lessons/ seasonal camps and clinics
  • On-ice instruction led by Rochester Ice Center Academy Director, Francois Methot
  • Pro, Elite Prospect Summer Total Hockey Training (on-ice/ off-ice combo)

Victor Summer Programs

  • For the third consecutive summer, Victor Strength & Conditioning will be offering comprehensive Sports Performance training AT VCS for both Middle School and High School athletes and students!

Team Training

  • Train at Next Level or at your school/ practice facility
  • Up to 30+ athletes
  • Make your own schedule!


Private Training

  • Small Group (2-6 Athletes) OR
    1:1 Personal Training
  • Make your own schedule!

           Youth FUNdamentals

  • Youth - ages 6-10 years old
  • FUNdmantals of Functional Movement applied within fun games and activities! 
  • 30 minute sessions

Next Level Football

  • Team Training and Program Design Services available!

Mental Training and Team Building Services

  • By well known Sports Psychology professional, Dr. Stephen P. Gonzalez

Remote Strength Training

  • Don't live in the Rochester area and can't make it to us? No worries, we are now introducing Remote Strength Training for athletes who can't make it in to our facility but still want the highest quality of coaching and training!


More info on Sports Performance Training:

Sports Performance training will not automatically make you a better player, but participating in a quality training program on a regular basis will give you the physical tools that you need to take your skills to the Next Level! Milling around the gym by yourself with a workout that you found on the internet is not enough. Spending money on a personal trainer that has you doing isolation exercises or randomized workouts is a waste of time. At Next Level Strength and Conditioning, our team of experienced Strength Coaches will design a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet your specific needs and coach you through every rep. You will see drastic improvements in Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Conditioning and much more!

“Sport Specific” vs. General Sports Performance Training:

The term “Sport Specific Training” gets thrown around a lot in the Strength and Conditioning field, when most companies and trainers are offering nothing of the sort. Sport Specific Training should consist of sport specific skill development and/or energy system specific conditioning. In most cases, these components of performance are the primary focus of team and individual practices, not Strength and Conditioning sessions. The purpose of Sports Performance Training is to improve Strength, Speed, Power, Agility, Balance, Coordination and Conditioning, while decreasing the risk of injury. With the exception of sports like Long Distance Running and Golf, most athletes strive to become stronger, faster, quicker and more powerful regardless of what sport they play!  

Although we follow the same program outline for all of our General Sports Performance Training programs (differentiated based on age, experience and skill levels), there is a great deal of individualization that takes place in order to meet the specific needs of each athlete. Athletes will go through an extensive pre-screening process prior to the start of each program. Pre-Assessments will include Performance Testing, Functional Movement Screen (select programs) and a detailed questionnaire. The General Sports Performance program will be modified to meet the needs of each individual athlete based on their pre-screening results, specific performance goals, physical limitations due to previous injuries, etc. 

An even deeper level of individualization and sport specificity can take place if an athlete schedules a block of Private Training sessions with one of our Strength Coaches. In the Private Session setting, our Coaches will be able to add sport specific skill training and energy system specific conditioning to your program if requested. We will also offer several Sport Specific Off-Season Training programs and Pre-Season camps that will include on-ice and on-field skill development components throughout the year!