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Remote Strength Training

Worried that you won’t be able to train as hard as you’d like while stuck at home? No clue how to design workouts at home without any equipment? Good news, we’ve got your back!

This is the perfect time to set aggressive goals and make game changing transformations! This is NOT the time to stop training and take steps backwards!

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QuaranFit Remote Training is a comprehensive functional training program that can be performed at home alone, WITHOUT any traditional training equipment! We’ve been hard at work designing a high quality training program that will allow you to continue to improve your performance, overall fitness and mental/ emotional wellness, all while boosting your immune system!

Check out the news story WROC Channel 8 did on our remote training program in response to COVID-19!

Here are the details:

  • Participants will receive 5 QuaranFit AT HOME workouts/ week, for 6 weeks
  • These workouts will be loaded on your personal TrainHeroic app account weekly
  • Athletes will be accepted to an exclusive private Instagram account that will include LIVE training sessions from our Coaching staff 3x/ week and weekly online Q&A sessions.

ONLY $149 for 30 workouts...(5 days/ week, 6 weeks)

Group Rates:

  • Teams/ Large Groups up to 20 people: $499
  • School Districts, Colleges, Organizations (Unlimited): $999

QuaranFit PLUS Remote Training

  • Program notes will include variations that require basic training equipment including: 2 KB, 2 DB, Superband, Mini-band, Roller
  • No additional charge if member has this equipment at home
  • We can rent this equipment to members for $49 for 4 weeks (if we’re able to reopen before the end of 4 weeks, partial refund will be provided). Set pick up times will be designated, first come first serve while supplies last.

Interested in private 1 on 1 remote training?

  • Includes individualized programming based on goals, equipment and more.
  • Weekly remote check ins from Mentor Coach
  • $299 for 6 weeks
  • $349 with equipment rental (KB, 2DB, Medball, Superband, Mini-band, Roller)

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