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Summer Varsity/ College Level Sports Performance Training Sessions

This intensive program is designed for high level Varsity/College athletes that are serious about taking their game and career to the Next Level! The general sports performance program will be modified for each athlete to meet their specific needs based on individualized goals, ability level and pre-screening results. Each session will focus on the critical components of performance for most major sports, including mobility, injury prevention, functional strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, energy system specific conditioning and much more!

Did your college coach send you home with a summer workout program? Most good coaches would much rather have you participate in a comprehensive, scientifially proven training program under the close supervision of a certified strength coach, instead of working out independently this summer! We would be more than happy to contact your coach directly to explain our training philosophy and outline our summer training program. We would also be willing to allow you to follow portions of your team's summer program under our supervision and conduct trial runs of your upcoming pre-season performance tests, if requested. Please contact us with questions!

90 Minute Sessions

Section 2 - 7/14 to 8/18 (Prorated partial participating packages for Fall Varsity athletes only)

Session A 4 Days/Week
90 Mins/Session
Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday
3:30- 5:00pm

$625/ 6 Week Section

Session B 3 Days/Week
90 Mins/Session
Monday, Wednesday,
6:30- 8:00pm

$505/ 6 Week Section


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