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Team Training at Next Level

Next Level Strength and Conditioning is now offering Private Team Training packages for all sports, ages and experience levels! Our team of highly qualified Strength Coaches will design a comprehensive training program that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your athletes based on their sport, age, experience, skill level and training goals! Gain an edge on your competition and reduce the risk of injury, while building valuable team comradery! 

If your High School or College team is not participating in a comprehensive, sequential, scientifically based Sports Performance training program under the close supervision of a qualified Strength Coach, then you are not getting the most out of your athletes! Quality Sports Performance training goes far beyond just lifting weights. Comprehensive programming should include Mobility and Corrective Exercise, Speed, Agility, Plyometric, Balance training, Energy System Specific Conditioning and much more! Coaches work too hard in every other aspect of their job to put Strength and Conditioning on the back burner! 

Team Training sessions can be held at Next Level OR at your home practice facility/ school!

Team Packages can be as low as $5/ athlete/ session (based on number of sessions/ athletes)!

Email us TODAY to schedule your FREE Team Training demo session for up to 30 athletes!

Team Training Program Offerings:


Seasonal Team Training Programs

  • A comprehensive Sports Performance program will be designed to meet the specific needs of your team or group, based on your sport, age, performance goals, etc.
  • Close hands on instruction and feedback will be provided by experienced Next Level Strength Coaches on a daily basis to maximize results and safety
    • Off-Season
    • Pre-Season
    • In-Season Maintenance

Team Training Camps (1-2 Weeks)

  • Intense training sessions will be designed and delivered by Next Level Strength Coaches
  • Waste less time conditioning prior to the season’s first contest and focus more on skill development and team concepts
    • Pre-Season
    • Tryouts

Program Design/ Consultation Services

  • A comprehensive Sports Performance program will be designed to meet the specific needs of your team or group, based on your sport, age, performance goals, etc.
  • Next Level Coaches will teach and refine essential skills to all athletes and coaches, promoting productive and safe independent training sessions

Performance Testing

  • Next Level Coaches will conduct Pre and Post Performance Testing to monitor the progress of your athletes
    • Post/ Pre-Season

Instructional Sessions

  • Next Level Coaches will teach and refine complex Functional Strength Training and Olympic Exercises to Players and/or Coaches
  • Also available for Physical Education Teachers

Incorporate Sports Performance Training into Skill Development Practices

  • Next Level Coaches will design and deliver Sport Specific conditioning drills that can be incorporated into your skill development practice sessions
    • Team Practices
    • Skill Specific Camps/ Clinics

Hockey Team Warm-up Sessions:

  • 15 Minutes/ session
  • Located on turf end of the facility (45’ x 30’)
  • Comprehensive Hockey Specific Warm-up Design Included (Foam Roll, Mobility, Activation, Integration, etc.)
  • A video tutorial including a demo of each exercise and a description of proper technique will be included
  • Access to Foam Rollers, Ladders, Hurdles, etc.
  • A Team Coach must be present at all times!  Coaches are responsible for their players and the Next Level facility/ equipment (Next Level Coach will not be present, unless requested).
  • Warm-up sessions must be scheduled in advance (restrictions may apply due to scheduling conflicts).
  • Email us TODAY to book your sessions.

All sessions can either be held at the Next Level Training Facility in Fairport, or at your home field, court or training facility!

Pricing will be determined by package type, frequency and duration of sessions, number of athletes and location. 

Team and Group discounts will be issued for regularly scheduled Next Level programs and training sessions!

We are willing to offer a Free demo session to groups of 10-30 athletes that may be interested in purchasing a Team/ Group package

Email for more information!