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Training Philosophy

Why Next Level:



  • To empower athletes and general fitness members of all ages in their journey to self improvement, by prioritizing character development, injury prevention and performance enhancement, while implementing the latest in sports performance and functional training, under the close guidance of positive role models and highly qualified professionals.




  • Quality Coaching/ “Buy-In”: If a coach is unable to connect with their clients, the quality of a training program is irrelevant. It is the strength coach’s responsibility to earn the respect of each client by demonstrating passion and genuine commitment to achieving the goals at hand. A quality strength coach must also possess the competency to modify training programs, workouts and exercises to meet the individualized needs of each person.

  • Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning selected Next Level to host their Certified Functional Strength Coach course in September of 2015. Not only did Next Level staff members complete this gold standard certification, but we adopted the Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning system that has been fine tuned and proven by Boyle himself for over 30 years!
  • Function First: Functional movement is the foundation of injury prevention and performance! If a client is unable to move properly due to dysfunction or asymmetry, performance will be stunted and the risk of injury will drastically increase.

  • Comprehensive Approach: A quality strength and conditioning program is much more than just lifting weights. Although functional strength training is a critical component of all successful programs, a comprehensive approach is necessary to experience maximal results. Mobility, corrective exercise, power/ speed/ agility, energy system specific conditioning, skill development (ability to perform with proper technique), nutrition, adequate sleep and hydration are also key factors. If any of these facets are lacking, clients will not be able to reach their full potential.

  • Purposeful Programming: It is crucial that a training program is in-line with individual goals. Clients often lose sight of why they dedicate so much time and effort to training by focusing far too much on ego driven numbers. Although noticeable gains in the weight room are a welcome result of physical development, the ultimate goals of a program should be to prevent injury, maximize performance and reach personal goals. Every second of every session should have a specific purpose that is in-line with these objectives!





  • Do No Harm!

    • Place a strong emphasis on proper technique and skill development

    • Implement scientifically proven training methods and programming

    • Create a safe environment

  • Reduce Injury

    • Quality functional training IS injury reduction training

    • Place an additional focus on daily demands and individualized functional needs

  • Maximize Performance

    • Focus on meaningul components of performance connected to individualized goals, including functional strength, power, speed, agility and conditioning 

    • Incorporate nutrition, hydration and sleep components to expedite recovery and maximize performance

Our answer to cross fit


Our Answer to CrossFit!

While we share many of the same principles of CrossFit we prefer a more systematic approach than most CF gyms. It is our belief that a certain level of general strength and flexibility are required for aptitude in any of the other fitness domains. Please click here to learn more.