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Youth FUNdamentals of Movement Skills

FUNdamentals of Movement Skills

Youth- Ages 6-10 years old

30 minute sessions

This program will focus on developing physical literacy through FUN games and activities! Young athletes will LEARN how to move properly by applying functional movement patterns within developmentally appropriate games to improve coordination, core strength, speed, balance and more! All youth programs follow the American Development Model closely to ensure that young athletes achieve Long Term Athletic Development in a FUN and safe environment!

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“My Son or Daughter is too young for organized training!” Our young participants WILL NOT be lifting weights, running suicides or doing 30 minutes of plyometrics! Each session will consist of FUN games and activities that incorporate a wide range of functional movement patterns and basic components of performance (see program outline below). Not only will each child enjoy their time with us, but regular participation in this program will result in improved cooridnation, strength, body composition and mental focus that will connect directly to everyday performance!

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FUNdamentals of Movement Skills

Daily Outline

5 Min: Gross Motor Skill Relay Races

-          Incorporate neuromuscular system development, hand eye coordination, postural and core strength exercises, unilateral movements and more!

5 Min: Joint by joint mobility

-          Children will be introduced to exercises that promote joint mobility/ stability and muscular activation through age appropriate activities that can be performed at home as well!

5 Min: Dynamic Integration

-          We will use FUN names and activities during our Dynamic Warm-ups to grab the attention of each child! These movements will activate the neuromuscular system to prepare the body for activity, while improving coordination, body control, balance and agility!

5 Min: FUNctional Movement Pattern Instruction/ Skill Practice:

-          We will introduce a new developmentally appropriate, full body functional movement pattern each session. Our coaches will find creative ways to teach these skills and practice proper technique. 

10 Min: Group Challenge/Game!

-          Each session will end with a FUN and friendly Game/ Challenge that will incorporate previously learned functional movements. 

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