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Strength is the foundation of functional fitness and wellness, regardless of age, individualized goals or ability level. Aside from the proven links to increased life expectancy and physical longevity, strength focused workouts will provide a huge bang for your buck each session! 

Adults are athletes too and our Roots Family Members will be treated that way in our Roots STRENGTH classes! 

Each session will consist of:

  • Comprehensive Movement Prep
  • Power Focus (med balls, jumps, etc.)
  • Strength Complexes 
  • Metabolic Conditioning

All workouts will be modified for each individual based on ability level, goals and screen results. The Roots STRENGTH program will cycle through 3 week phases to allow adult athletes to maximize progress week to week. Adult athletes will have the option to track their weights each week as well. 

Roots STRENGTH will be offered:

  • M,W,F: 5-6am
  • M,W,F: 6-7am
  • M,W: 6-7pm